Services in the field of environment. Draft reports of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Preliminary reports including and depth of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit. Performing various expertise in the environmental field, as well as expert services to assess a report of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Expertise developed. Professional consultancy services and technical-legal field of all necessary documentation for applications for Preliminary EIA and depth, as well as the environmental permit type A, B or C.This Include application and follow all necessary procedures for an application for approval of an EIA or environmental permit, until the adoption of the document and whitening license or permit. In the following procedures for equipment with leg-Approval of EIA or Environmental Permits included the request for the implementation of the procedure of public consultation, coordination and organization of the public consultation in accordance with legal requirements, the application at the National Licensing Centre and tracking practice information for possible amendments. In conclusion print license / permit and submitting the file to the applicant. Also the drafting of documentation and professional license application in the field of environment such as license activity waste management and waste export permit.)


Environmental audit is a process which requires specific knowledge of  causes and specific issues of environmental pollution. For this purpose, an environmental expert must have knowledge regarding: the way that managed an environmental audit, methods, procedures, etc. This is a matter of general character but at the same time dealing with the design of an audit program which its constituent elements. Another issue relates to environmental audit evaluations and how these evaluations will be used to undertake preventive measures in the future. So the PM reports are not only taking the record but propose concrete measures to prevent pollution in the future. The audit must recognize that national and international report as drafted and that are part of it. The audit report as well as the EIA report should include information, analysis, conclusions and recommendations.


Environmental expertise for various activities in the context of individuals, physical persons, legal various institutions including institutions of justice.


Juried consultancy on environmental issues, for documentation procedures for cases of reassessment and renewal of environmental licenses and the obligations arising as a result of the legal framework and conditions of environmental permits.


Based on the legal framework for environmental protection, legal entities have an obligation conducting Self-monitoring procedure for the impacts they cause to the environment. This Self-monitoring report is performed every 3-6 months.


Draft expertise and environmental rehabilitation projects in order to minimize environmental impact of an activity which takes place in a forest area, or biological environment. (Proceedings of the exploration and exploitation of minerals of different kinds metallic and non-metallic, construction and the operation of the power plants and the construction of roads of various eve landfill, etc.